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The following are some common questions and/or concerns that we often hear from respondents. If there is a specific question and/or concern that you did not find listed, please contact us.

Q. What is Nichols Research, Inc.?
A. We are an independent marketing research company. We conduct focus groups and market research studies to collect public opinions.
Q. What is a focus group?
A. A focus group is a qualitative marketing research technique where a small group of people participate in a discussion that is lead by an experienced moderator. It is an opportunity to express ideas, or concerns, in an open forum without the tight structure of a questionnaire. "What would you like?" and "What are your needs?" are types of questions you might hear.

Our clients, from major corporations to advertising agencies, request us to assemble groups and individuals to participate in a wide variety of research projects. The information gathered from these projects impacts future decisions and product introductions, as well as influencing policies and social issues. No proprietary information will be asked.

At no time during this discussion will any attempt be made to sell you anything, nor will you be contacted for a sales call as a result of your participation in this opinion research.
Q. So what's in it for the focus group participant?
  1. Normally participants receive a gift or an honorarium to offset any expenses incurred as a result of volunteering to participate.
  2. This is an opportunity to meet others in your field or people who share your interests.
  3. You will be able to discuss issues of shared concerns.
  4. Respondents repeatedly tell us that they find our research groups to be interesting and enjoyable.
  5. You can make your opinions count for something.
Q. What is a market research survey?
A. Market research surveys are the best way for manufacturers or service organizations to learn consumers' attitudes or opinions on specific topics.
Q. How do you conduct a survey?
A. By contacting people just like you, usually by phone.
Q. Why do you ask for my name, address, and phone number?
A. We need this information so that a supervisor could, if necessary, call or write to confirm that the interview was done correctly. To be sure that our information is correct and valid, we must ask for your name and address. We also use this information to mail you a letter of confirmation and a map for the project that you are to be involved in and to ensure good demographic representation. This information will be kept in the strictest of confidence.
Q. Why do you ask personal questions about family and work?
A. Your background has a lot to do with your choices of products and services. We ask questions about these things to help us determine who is buying or selecting certain products.
Q. What's the gimmick? What are you selling?
A. There is no gimmick. We unconditionally guarantee that no one will ever try to sell you anything as a result of taking part in one of our surveys. We only want your honest opinions.
Q. Do my opinions really make a difference?
A. Definitely! Many new products/services and product/services improvements are a direct result of our research with people like you. Most people that participate in our surveys tell us that they really enjoyed themselves and that they appreciated the opportunity to make their opinions count.
Q. Why do I need to tell you my age or income?
A. We simply need to obtain a cross-section of people so that we are certain to represent each age and income group of the general public. This information is compiled strictly as a statistic and never associated with your name. We often have quotas by age, gender, income, etc. to ensure adequate representation of various groups.
Q. What is the study about and what will I be doing?
A. Many times our clients do not tell us the subject matter so that we may obtain your unbiased opinions.
Q. What will I get out of it?
A. Because we realize that your time is valuable, you will receive an honorarium or gift to offset any expenses incurred as a result of volunteering in the research. You will also directly influence better products and services by giving your opinion.
Q. Who are you doing this for?
A. We are an independent marketing research firm. We conduct research for manufacturers, service organizations, advertising agencies, as well as many other types of companies and industries. Our clients usually request anonymity to ensure that the research remains unbiased.
Q. Where did you get my phone number?
A. There are several ways that we obtain phone numbers. You or your spouse may have filled out a database form indicating that you would be interested in doing marketing & opinion research projects with us or you may have been referred to us by someone. We also use random computer generated lists of phone numbers and we occasionally use numbers from the telephone book.
Q. I'm on a do-not-call list. Can I report you?
A. Congress has exempted marketing research companies from the laws that regulate telemarketers because they recognize the value of your opinions. Your opinions are important to us.
Q. What's the difference between you and a telemarketer?
As researchers, we simply want to ask your opinions about products and services you use. Telemarketers attempt to sell you something. We never sell anything.

Would you like to see some more information? Your participation in a legitimate marketing or public opinion research survey is very important to us, and we value the information you provide. Find out more about your rights as a respondent and what a focus group is all about.